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Once your idea is digitally modeled, tested and ergonomically evaluated, we can proceed to build a prototype. There are different types of prototypes; we can advise on which one is the appropriate for your project.

You need to consider:

1. How simple or complex is my product idea?

2. How far along am I in development – or is it

     only an idea?

3. Who needs to see my prototype – partners,

     investors, pre-order customers?

4. What do I want my prototype to prove?

Appearance Prototypes

• Appearance prototypes are used to understand size, shape, and ergonomics.

•  They are typically made without a painted finish.

•  They can be used for investor meetings and to plan for

    crowd-funding campaigns.

Proof of Concept Prototypes

•  Proof of concept prototypes are used to validate a mechanism or technology before fully designing a product.

• They can be built with custom parts and/or reusing a portion of an existing product.

• They are often used to validate a high-risk portion of a design as well to demonstrate to investors.

A Functional Prototype

• A functional prototype is used to validate a complete design.

• Custom electronics and mechanical parts are built, assembled, and tested.

•  This type of prototype is used to validate a completed design before going into manufacturing.

Making your prototype

We can produce In-house or outsource to one of our vendors that specializes

in a specific task, then to be carefully assembled and tested at our shop.

Prototyping / Model Making

Formalization and the evaluation of an idea.

First, ask yourself what kind of prototype and for whom. The truth is that one size does not fit all.

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